Residential Concrete Supply

As a leading supplier of ready mixed concrete, DK Concrete will have the right materials you need to complete your project on time and under budget.

Looking to make a new driveway? Building a patio? Adding an extention to your new property? Get the right amount of quality pre mixed concrete from DK Concrete.

With our Our concrete delivery you can have the concrete dropped exactly where you need it, with our vast fleet we will have the vehicle to fulfill your request.



DK Concrete pride themselves on their domestic concrete delivery service.

We will help to save you money by only giving you the correct amount of concrete on site so that you can get exactly what you need without over or under ordering. Our expert team will assist and can assess your requirements, making sure you get the right type and quantity of concrete.

Here at DK Concrete we use only the finest materials to ensure that you get the best grade of concrete possible from our fleet of concrete mixing trucks.

If required a pump we can provide information to pump companies we use.